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Two Guys on Friday Podcast

Aug 23, 2019

We chat via Skype with CJ Graham from Friday the 13th Part 6. We discuss Vengeance, Jason Lives, favourite kills, Steve Dash, Kane Hodder, horror convention's and so much more.

Jun 28, 2019

We chat Calgary Horror Con and re-write Friday The 13th Part 5

Jun 8, 2019

We chat 13 movies likely to happen before a new Friday the 13th movie and explain the Friday the 13th lawsuit

May 24, 2019

We get invited to the How Are Ya Now Fancast and chat about Letterkenny and Puck Bunny

May 12, 2019

We chat about our big bet regarding IT Chapter 2, you know your in a horror movie when? And The Amityville Horror